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Metropolitan Pictures is a development and production company devoted to the production of quality films with economic potential. The company was founded in Amsterdam in 1991 by George Weiss, co-producer of Goran Paskaljevic' s Guardian Angel (Cannes Directors Fortnight 1987) and Time of Miracles (Cannes Directors Fortnight 1990) as well as S. Pesic The Harms Case (Cannes "Un Certain Regard" 1988), and Sales Manager at Majestic Films International in 1989-90 (World wide Overseas (all Non-U.S.) Sales- "Dances with Wolves", "Driving Miss Daisy"," Henry V" among others).



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Napoleon for a while

A musician and a filmmaker, Wolfgang Kroner has struggled and hoped for 30 years to become known as an artist. In his early 20s, Wolfgang Kroner directed and produced an epic about Napoleon's Russian War. For decades, he lived in his mother's flat developing his artistry over a career. Today he soldiers on in his bid for stardom and meeting the perfect woman. A modern day Don Quixote or a hopeless dreamer, you can't help but fall for Kroner. For decades, he lived in his mother's flat developing his artistry over a career and a fruitful love life. Today, over 60 and single, he still creates and dreams of the success that has so far eluded him. 58'

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Cantors - A faith in song

On September 10th and 11th 2003, an historic concert of cantorial music was taped in the revered Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam. In the magnificent candlelit setting of this 17th century synagogue, the three leading Jewish Cantors of our time performed an evening of popular and religious Jewish song arranged by composer Benedict Weisser. Cantors Alberto Mizrahi, Naftali Herstik and Benzion Miller were accompanied by the Netherlands Theater Orchestra, London’s Ne’imah Singers, and conducted by Jules van Hessen. For centuries classical Jewish liturgical music has been a constant element in the synagogue service and the role of the Cantor is not only to lead this vocal music, but also to pass on the traditional melodies from generation to generation.

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Der Weiße Wal

The Tale of the White Whale is the extraordinary adventure of Moby, a Beluga whale caught off the coast of Canada in 1965. He was destined for a zoo in England, but a year later he appeared swimming up the Rhine River. For weeks, Moby was chased, surrounded, pushed, and even shot at with a narcotic gun. His persistence in swimming into the centre of Europe’s heavily polluted industrial region touched everybody who witnessed his journey. It turned him into an international phenomenon and people came out in droves to see the mysterious visitor from the ocean depths. When he arrived in Bonn, he made such an impact that even the German parliament came to a halt. The long march of this smiling ambassador of the animal kingdom marked the beginning of modern ecological awareness. DER WEISSE WAL echoes the magic of this period. It retraces the story of Moby’s legendary trip and asks that we take notice of the messengers from the animal world and heed what they have to tell.


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